Online Auction: Send Girls to School

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Help Us Make Our First Ever Online Auction a Success!

Education is our greatest hope in improving the quality of life for girls in underdeveloped and developing nations. When we educate a girl in the developing world, she gains self-determination and autonomy over her body. She’s less likely to contract HIV, has higher earning potential, and will have fewer children.

As part of our continued efforts to empower girls, we’re hoping to raise enough funds before year’s end to send more girls to school. Today, we’re launching our first ever online auction through eBay Giving Works. Join us this holiday season as you do your gift shopping. When you buy a gift through our online auction, you also give a gift: an education to a girl in Pakistan or Liberia.

With your help, we can send more girls to school, ensure that they have safe transportation, and provide them with uniforms and appropriate school supplies. Our auction is live Nov. 27, 2012 through Dec. 13, 2012. With your help, we can meet our fundraising goal and make a difference in the lives of many girls.

Check out our online auction items here. By helping Girls Ed, you’re giving the best gift there is: a brighter future to an underprivileged girl.

We’re so thankful that we have such awesome supporters in this journey to empower girls. Thank you.

Help us spread the the word about our auction and inform your friends about the importance of education by sharing these Facebook and Twitter posts on your social networks:

  • Multi-country data show educated mothers are 50% more likely to immunize their children than are uneducated mothers.
  • Doubling the proportion of women w a secondary education can reduce fertility rates from 5.3 to 3.9 children per woman
  • Providing girls 1 extra yr of education beyond the average boosts eventual wages by 10-20%. Promote education #girleffect
  • Infant mortality decreases by 8% for each year a woman stays in school.
  • Education is critical to improving the status of women, which provides a ripple of positive effects throughout society
  • An educated girls is 3x less likely to contract HIV. Help us send Liberian girls to school.
  • An education provides security & support to girls & enables them to make informed life decisions.


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  1. This is a really good auction. Educating a girl means, indirectly improving the quality of life in underdeveloped and developing nations.


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