Thank You Notes from Our Liberian Girls

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We recently received notes from the GEI high school girls in Lower Virgina, and from Veronica Dolo, the college student we sponsor in Monrovia. All are doing well with their studies, and express so much gratitude for their scholarships. We’d like to share a few excerpts from their letters.

Oretha Johnson

This is from Oretha Johnson, who has dreams of attending college and/or becoming a gospel singer. “My hope of going back to school was gone. Many times I sat and cried, ‘Why should my life be like this?’ But when my scholarship came, I was very glad to be back in school as one of the scholars.”



Comfort Zianwogue

Comfort Zianwogue reports a grade average of 83.8% for the first period of this year’s schooling, and closes her letter with a wish for other Liberian youth–probably her friends and neighbors–who did not get a scholarship. “May God give you a helping hand to help other children who are out there in need like me.”




Veronica, our college student, is already thinking about giving back after she graduates from nursing school. “I am grateful for the GEI and Liberia Now families and individuals who provided this funding to build up my human capacity educationally, as I too will have the opportunity to serve my people upon graduation.”



We will continue to share communication from these ambitious young women in future e-newsletters and blog posts. Their enthusiasm for education is inspiring, and their dedication to bettering themselves and their lives reminds us why we do what we do.

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