Girls in Tanzania are greatly underrepresented in secondary school classrooms. By contributing to this project, you will ensure that we can support 35 young women as they pursue their secondary education - which is not free in Tanzania. Educating girls has numerous positive impacts on family planning, family health, literacy rates and overall vitality of communities. These scholarships will ensure that 35 more girls have a solid educational foundation upon which to build their futures.

 In Tanzania, primary school is free but secondary school fees range from $20 to $150. They vary from year to year to cover variable exam fees, ID fees, required materials (e.g., reams of paper) and uniforms. Many families support their families through subsistence farming (small scale agriculture) and therefore have very limited income. Girls, in particular, are extremely underrepresented in secondary school classrooms, yet they play a tremendous role in family and community development.

Girls Ed is partnering with Project Wezesha to ensure that more and more young women enter into their roles as wives, mothers and entrepreneurs with a solid educational base to build upon. Through education, these young girls will know more about the world and the potential in the world for them to thrive and make a difference. There is ample data to support that educating girls significantly impacts a woman's later decision making about family, health, business and education.

As the girls receive education, move into their adult lives making smarter choices about their health and well-being, and spread the word about the opportunities education has afforded them, their communities will continue to thrive and experience renewed vitality. In addition, these educated girls will become educated women who may one day serve as leaders and mentors in their communities and local government. The region we serve encompasses thousands of individuals living close to Kigoma, TZ.



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