Meet the Girls: Liberia

Romell Yakubu

Romell is 16 years old and going into the 10th grade.  She applied for a scholarship with Girls Education last year.  Her father abandoned Romell, her mother and three siblings when she was 8 years old.  At the time, Libera was just coming out of a devastating civil war. Her mother has not been able to find work, but tries to sell coal at the market to make money for food.

Romell is very excited about school and wants to be a geologist.  “If you are educated, you can fulfill your dreams,” Romell says.  Romell hopes to one day go to the Univerisity of Liberia to be a geologist and help rebuild and develop her country.

Christiana Ansuma

Christiana was born during the brutal 14-year civil war in Liberia. She fled with her family across the border to Sierra Leone where they lived as refugees. The struggles in her refugee camp were severe, and Christiana and her family experienced great loss—there was little to eat, which made it difficult for young children to survive. There, three of Christiana’s young siblings passed away. They were all under the age of five.

After the war, she and her family returned to Liberia. She currently has two other siblings, both boys.

Her father is very old and unable to work. Her mother washes clothes and cleans to pay for coal and food.

Christiana received a Girls Education International scholarship last year to begin high school, and is about to begin 10th grade at the age of 18. Christiana is interested in economics and hopes to attend college after she completes high school.



You never know what will happen once you get involved with Girls Ed!  Veronica Dolo came to GEI as a scholarship student from Grbanga, a town in central Liberia. Veronica graduated from high school just about the time the Girls Ed board decided to sponsor one girl for a post-secondary education. Veronica was highly recommended for not only her academic success, but for her drive and determination as well.

With tuition, fees and some living expenses from Girls Ed, Veronica began nursing school at Smythe Institute of Management and Technology in Monrovia in January of this year, carrying 18 credit hours.

Anne Rosenblum, a Liberia Now advisory board member and Education Team member , was able to meet with Veronica on a recent visit to Monrovia.  She said “Veronica is a beautiful and vibrant girl who is very interested in learning and studying, and wants to be either a nurse or a doctor.  She is extremely appreciative and knows she would not be able to go to high school or college without the help of Girls Ed.”