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Meet the Girls: Liberia

Romell Yakubu

Romell is 16 years old and going into the 10th grade.  She applied for a scholarship with Girls Education last year.  Her father abandoned Romell, her mother and three siblings when she was 8 years old.  At the time, Libera was just coming out of a devastating civil war. Her mother has not been able to find work, but tries to sell coal at the market to make money for food.

Romell is very excited about school and wants to be a geologist.  “If you are educated, you can fulfill your dreams,” Romell says.  Romell hopes to one day go to the Univerisity of Liberia to be a geologist and help rebuild and develop her country.

Meet the Girls: Pakistan

Rifat, 12, is the fourth in a family of five children.


Gulzar, 16, is the youngest of seven children.

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