Toolkit to Support Girls Ed

Our Board of Directors strives to promote Girls Ed through stories, updates and announcements. We also work to raise funds so that we can continue to support our girls in Pakistan and Tanzania. But we can only do so much as a small team of volunteers, so we'd love your help! In this toolkit, we've provided a few ideas for how you can be involved right now, wherever you are in the world.  Please contact us and let's see what we can make happen!


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Schools for Schools

We'd love to team up with students and teachers who want to reach out and support our girls. We can work together to design campaigns supporting our students in Pakistan and Tanzania. We're happy to Skype into your classrooms to brainstorm and educate!

Students can organize fundraisers -- talent shows, bake sales, craft fairs -- the options are endless. How creative can you be!

Teachers - let's built curricular units on girls education. Your students can teach others about girls education in remote regions of our beautiful world.

Girls in literacy class.png

Raise $$ Online

  1. Simply visit one of our programs (buttons below).

  2. Scroll down below the donation options and social media buttons and click on "Start a Fundraiser."

  3. Follow the steps. You can name your fundraiser and choose an appropriate reason: registry, tribute, athletic event, general and 'be awesome'.

  4. Share throughout your social media network and beyond.