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Uneducated girls have almost no chance to escape the cycle of poverty for them, their families and their communities. We have committed to support the education of 60 girls, providing them the opportunity to rise out of poverty, improving their families' health, economic status, and well-being. 

Transportation is a big concern in the remote regions of Pakistan. In the villages of Maira, Thirchak, Chakki Rangpur, Dharyala Kahoon, the nearest secondary school is about 20 kilometers from the villages. Due to high transportation costs and no access to reliable transport, it is difficult for girls to continue with their education. It also places a financial strain on families who seek to send their girls to school. This project provides transportation, cost of registration and required exams, and will offer self-growth workshops presented by our partner Bedari. 

This is an continuing project that builds on the success and learnings from a three-year project completed in 2013. We hope to continue our support for these girls into high school.