Study Camp and One-to-One Sponsorships

Our students are so excited that it’s June because that means – Study Camp is back in session! We almost cancelled camp this year to make sure we could cover other education costs (e.g., post-secondary education for our secondary school grads). But the students, parents and our teachers put out the rally cry and reminded us how important and valuable the camp is to our students. We were reminded that the camp contributes not only to their language and academic skills, but also their characters and their bond with one another.

Peer Instruction during Homework Hour

Peer Instruction during Homework Hour

In camp this summer, we have 16 students from Form 4 and three from Form 3. (Our students are studying alongside 16 Project Wezesha students.) Our girls in Form 4 will be taking their high stakes national exams in October, so this camp is crucial for them. Our study camp teachers are hard-working, dedicated educators and they put all their energy into making sure the students are prepared for the exams.

Of course, the students put in a lot of hard work, too. After a full morning of teacher-led sessions, they return after lunch for afternoon student-led discussions and study time. They tell us time and again that knowing that all of us (that means you!) are supporting them gives them the motivation to put in the effort required to be successful. (See photos of students during afternoon discussion sessions.)

Success Among our Form 4 Graduates

We had a number of Form 4 girls who completed their national exams last fall. From that cohort, Edasta and Nasra will be going to high school this year. The other girls are eager to enroll in training college and have already selected their focus areas. Of course, this comes with additional expenses and so we really need your help to continue supporting these young women!

Launching a One-to-One Sponsorship Program

We are hoping to identify 8 Girls Ed supporters who would consider a one-to-one sponsorship of a girl through her post-secondary education. This would require making the generous commitment to fully fund 1 or both years of a student’s certificate program. If you would be interested, contact us at and let us know so that we can pair you with a girl in need. We would love to facilitate communication between you and the student you are supporting so that you can know how her studies are going and how much your support means.

We have created this page on our website to introduce the girls and the programs they are pursuing, which range from hotel management and tailoring to nursery school education and tourism. As each girl is paired, we will update the site to show who is still seeking support. The cost of most of the girls' programs is $333 USD per year for 2 years. Adija, who hopes to pursue nursing requires $560 per year for 2 years.

Why Girls Education Matters

Whether you commit to a student for two years, one year, or even make a one-time donation today, we are extremely grateful for your ongoing support of the important work we’re doing. Plain and Simple – Educating Girls Matters!

As a reminder, from UNICEF

“The yields from investing in girls’ education are substantial. An educated girl is likely to increase her personal earning potential, as well as reduce poverty in her community. According to the World Bank, the return on one year of secondary education for a girl correlates with as high as a 25% increase in wages later in life. The effects carry from one generation to the next: educated girls have fewer, healthier and better educated children. For each additional year of a mother’s education, the average child attains an extra 0.32 years, and for girls the benefit is slightly larger.”

UNESCO also notes the following benefits to educating a girl child:

  1. Future Educated Generations 

  2. Decreased Infant Mortality

  3. Decreased Maternal Mortality

  4. Decreased Child Marriage

  5. Decreased Population Explosion

  6. Increased Involvement in Political Process

  7. Decreased Domestic & Sexual Violence

  8. Decreased Support for Militancy

  9. Improved Socioeconomic Growth

Please share our work with friends and family. Use your personal interest in this cause to encourage others to join us.